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Mrs. Jasmine Don Bosco
East Riffa, Bahrain

We are Sri Lankans living in Bahrain. My husband’s name is Bosco and we have three children. We are regular viewers of Jesus Calls programs on T.V. and we are immensely blessed by it. My husband is employed in a company and his salary is low. Because of this, it was hard to make both ends meet. There was always a financial shortage which would often end in dispute between my husband and me. After one such dispute, I was watching Jesus Calls program on Rainbow T.V. With tears rolling down my face I said to myself, “Will not Bro. Paul Dhinakaran call out my name? Won’t he pray for me?” Suddenly Bro. Paul Dhinakaran called out my name and said, “Mrs. Bosco! You are watching this program in tears. From today the Lord will change all your sorrow into joy!! When I heard those words, a divine peace filled my heart. The Lord has started to bless my family from that day onwards. My husband’s salary was raised the very day Bro. Paul Dhinakaran called out my name and prayed for me. All our financial crisis have vanished and we are living in happiness. Truly the Lord has turned our sorrow into joy! The Lord has blessed greatly that we lend money to others. I give God all the glory!! I thank Bro. Paul Dhinakaran for his prayers that brought the miracle.

Pusparany Cumarasingam

I was suffering from giddiness since April 2006. I visited a doctor who after examining me put me under treatment. I am a regular viewer of Jesus Calls programs on Rainbow T.V and prayed for God to heal me. One day Sis Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran was sharing the Word of God and during prayer time, she was praying for people who were suffering from giddiness. I joined with her in prayer and prayed for my healing. God heard our prayers and granted me healing! He has delivered me from giddiness and I am healthy from that day onwards.

Julie Prathibha Leo
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I’m married and I have two young daughters who are four and two years old. We are regular viewers of Jesus Calls programs on Rainbow T.V. I had dark spots all over my face after the birth of second child and all the medical treatment that I underwent for it was in vain. As usual I was watching Jesus Calls program on Rainbow T.V. and Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was sharing the Word of God. During prayer time Dr. Paul Dhinakaran said that Lord Jesus was curing the black spots from a face. I realized immediately that it was me! Within a few hours all the black spots began to disappear and my face became clear and normal! Recently on the advice of doctors I took up a medical test for cervix cancer and the result was negative. I thank the Lord for keeping me far from sickness and fear. I thank Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for the Rainbow T.V. and we feel we are with the Saviour throughout the day!


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